The Love You Needed: Reparenting Yourself Now

A self study training where we’ll go over the stages of childhood, the love you needed to thrive, and how you can love yourself NOW to fill the gaps where you didn’t get your needs met.

What if we could rewire ourselves with the love skills that we needed at each childhood stage so we can thrive as an adult?

Everyone had significant challenges to receiving the healthy parenting they needed at some point in their childhood, whether that be:

job loss, financial struggles or poverty

a death in the family or loss of a precious pet

prison sentence or abandonment of a carer

an affair took the energy of a parent away

bullying, abuse, domestic violence, or neglect

friendship or family breakdowns, divorce, racism, war…

When these issues arose, you may have not received the love, attention and care at that stage of your life.  Your needs weren’t met. It created a jolt to whatever developmental growth was happening – impacting your sense of self and how you feel about the world.

As adults, you now have the ability to gain those parenting skills you needed at the time..

This training breaks down each stage from conception to early adulthood so you can nurture the needs that weren’t met at a young age.

Together, we’ll look at:

What growth was happening at each stage of childhood

 What you needed from a healthy parent to thrive at that stage

 The qualities and love skills to reparent yourself now – rewiring what you missed, and filling yourself up with the support and care you always needed.

So often we go to talk therapy to heal, and thankfully gain understanding of WHAT happened, but don’t always gain the skills to become the parent we always needed for ourselves.

When you know how to love yourself, you feel less distant, less needy, less demanding, less alone… and more peaceful, kinder to yourself, and have more strength to live a life you adore. I want that for you!

How does this training work?!

Once you sign up, you’ll be given a link to the hub where you will have acces to all the videos. Each video is 5-10 minutes, and you can work through the training at your own pace so that you have time to digest each stage of development and understand the love that you need to reparent you now.

 **NB. This training is NOT a substitute for individual somatic therapy, and deep support for trauma. It’s a chance to learn the skills to love yourself at any age.

Ready to gain the skills to LOVE yourself and give you the care you’ve always needed?

Join the Love You Needed Self Study Training for only £77 (usual price £127)


I’m Zariya.

I had a buffet of issues in childhood. I’m on a mission to help people who didn’t get what they needed in childhood! So they unlearn the crap they were programmed with, and gain the skills to healthy love so they know they’re worthy, deserving of goodness and lovable. I trained in Psychology, and various therapies (Attachment Family Focused Therapy, Psychodrama, Brainspotting, Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD, Theraplay…) to improve my capacity to heal myself and clients.

How have Zariya's trainings helped people?

Here’s what previous attendees have said about my online trainings:

Thanks to this workshop I’m growing a positive relationship with myself. I’m able to give myself love which was impossible before. (Participant from the Growing Secure Attachment workshop)

I now know that my future will be better. I didn’t know how to shift things. Now I know what kindness to myself looks like. I could do it for others, not for myself. It takes work to change how I treat myself. But I finally know that I CAN love me. That’s HUGE! (Participant from the Tame the Triggers workshop)

Thanks to Zariya, I’m proud of myself. I now know that I don’t deserve crumbs. I stood up for myself. I set boundaries for ME. (Participant from the Be Your own BFF workshop)

I absolutely see a huge shift in the way I see myself – in a more positive life, with empathy for my younger self who experienced abuse and now ready to clean out some rather septic wounds! I am being much more caring to myself and taking time for me. I matter! I will always put my needs first from now on. I 100% recommend others join. They will take soooo much from doing the workshop that it will change their lives ! (Participant from the Tame the Triggers workshop)


Where is the workshop?

The training is made available in a special hub, so you can get started straight away.

What's your refund policy?

If you feel you haven’t learned anything new, let me know within a 7 days and I’ll give you a refund.