Never been taught how to process and express FEELINGS?

I got you!

Ready to learn how to process your feelings, engage kindly with yourself and get your needs met in a healthy way?

Did you grow up hearing:

If you don’t shut up I’ll give you something to cry about

Stop whining

Don’t ruin the day – just be Happy

Big Boys don’t cry or Don’t be such a girl

You’re a drama Queen

Why are you being like that?  Just be Nice!

Why focus on the negative? Just be positive

You choose how you feel – pick the good ones!

None of this dismissive, bypassing and shaming of feelings ever made us feel better or integrate what we’re feeling!

In fact it leads to behaviours that are not healthy:

Eating/drinking/shopping/working to numbing our feelings

Passive aggressively making others feel what we’re avoiding

Taking our feelings out on others

Controlling ourselves or others as a way to avoid feelings

Isolating ourselves in shame because we don’t feel safe to share

Leaving our body to process feelings resulting in pain and disease

So what can we do differently?

I go into all this in my WELCOME FEELINGS training – broken into 3-10 minute sections – so you can do it around your busy day.

In this transformational training, we look into:

Becoming attuned so you catch feelings when they’re small and easier to manage

How to breathe to calm you

What self empathy sounds like so you can soothe yourself

Using feelings as messages so you meet yourself with care

Understanding the skills you need to grow

The steps to communicating so you’re met, and everyone is honoured

This is a step by step training to give you the skills to transform how you relate to yourself.

When we don’t process feelings we end up thinking we are bad, unlovable, and unworthy.

What happens when we learn to deal with feelings:

Grow inner strength and capacity

  Gain resilience knowing whatever happens we can work through it

  Deepen capacity to hold space for ourselves and others

Get triggered in relationships less, as we’re able to share our needs

Know how to say no, so we aren’t over giving and forgetting ourselves

Feel at home with ourselves, and know we can handle what arises

Deepen Self Love – where we’re nourishing and kind to ourselves.

If you want to stop:

Gaslighting yourself

treating yourself like you’re crazy for what you feel

Denying what you feel

so you don’t make people uncomfortable

Silencing yourself

and getting pain, immune dysfunction, cancer

Getting triggered

and taking it out on others

Then this WELCOME FEELINGS training is for YOU.